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Learn more about the corruption by
Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital,
American University of Antigua, and the Courts!

American University of Antigua
Student testimonials

Student's descriptions of American University of Antigua:

"I was devastated", "Dreams destroyed",

"Heartache", "Hard to deal with",

"Knowing at the end there is nothing",

"It's very important to expose the situation so
no-one else can fall prey to this circumstance"

"They lied to me, I was cheated",

"I went to Antigua for two years to come back to nothing",

"I blame the American University of Antigua"

"Everyone's intention was to start a career, which we've been robbed of"

Quotes from Neal Simon, President of AUA:
"students were mistreated" and
"after we knew there was a serious problem with the program"

FOX NEWS video about American University of Antigua.

Youtube deleted this video to protect AUA and deny Free Speech!
Fox News about AUA!

I uploaded this video to my website so you can see it for yourself and verify what I'm saying is fact!

These are just some emails I have that demonstrate student feelings for AUA.
Student names and email addresses have been removed to prevent retaliation from the school.
These emails are conversations between students. I have only modified the format for the Web.

The following email is concerning a major change in the pathology syllabus halfway through the semester.
The professor changed the syllabus adding unscheduled quizzes.
The points from these quizzes could equal a major exam.
His reasoning was because the average score on the second exam was around 50% and he would not curve the exam or the class.
Pictures in the exam could not be seen on the monitors, there were duplicate questions and etc.
I wrote an email to the class concerning this change.

"I do agree with everything that you have stated. 4th semester classes were brought up today at a student representative meeting.
I will do all that I can when it comes to path because I do believe that the testing was unfair.
And it directly effects me because right now I have to pull a rabbit out of my ass on the next path exam in order to pass the class and
I really don't want to be here next semester.
So know that I'm one of those students right now that needs all the help that I can get to pass path."

The following email was in response to an inquerry concerning 5th Semester in Miami.

"School has been a waste of time i feel like.
Goin to hospital has been fun some weeks and pointless other weeks.
Kaplan is comin along. It has been pretty crazy learning biochem in about a week and now we are doin anatomy and will be starting physio on thursday.
Well i dont know what you mean if the hospital has been helpful but when we get sent home after like an hour everyday cuz there is nothin to do in that department then i guess it is beneficial.
Yeah we did sign a petition to stop the whole standardizing of programs and now dr. metellus has told calderon that he aint gonna follow their orders and will do his own thing so yeah we dont have those quizzes anymore.
But it was more than just the quizzes cuz the school wanted to implement a whole new program like two weeks ago.
I mean how on earth does someone try to do that. So in that sense it was unfair and fortunately the Hospital and Metellus both agreed and had no problems tellin the NY office to fuck off.
Ok about the last thing you said i dont know who you are talkin to but thats total bullshit.
I wanna crack up after i read that. All i know is if they got rid of miami then AUA would be fuckin themselves over with the next semester comin along.
I mean their class is twice the size of ours and the michigan and maryland programs cant hold all those students.
I guess the only problem we have been causing down here is with the exam master questions.
Most of us are just pickin one answer and stickin with it and doin them in under 5 mins each."

The following email was in response to an inquiry concerning 5th Semester in Miami.

"That was really funny! sorry i haven't gotten back to you yet regarding the schedule...
the amount of time you spend in the hospital or clinic depends on the physician to whom you are assigned.
i've been enjoying the time in the various clinics, and the classes we are taking are total bullshit and a waste of time...and that's coming from me.
also, the guy who's up in baltimore calling the shots (calderon) has started to administer weekly tests which are through and through step II and step III material...
a bunch of stuff that we have never been exposed to. that's on top of the hundreds of exam master questions and everyone mysteriously gets wrong.
i'm a little frustrated, but i'm taking it in stride and counting down the days til jackson for christmas.
hope all's well with you, and i'd love to hear what you guys are up to up there."

The following email was in response to an inquiry concerning Kaplan and the AUA students that were at the Kaplan review program.

"Hey is your yahoo messenger working?
Anyways there were about 20 ppl from AUA there mainly ppl from Miami.
There was a total of 200 students from all over though.
I just got back to MI and now Im trying to self-study which is pretty scary cause I realized how little I really knew.
Thank god for Kaplan.
Anyways where are you right now and whats your game plan? I am signed up for Step in May.. :)"

This email is form a student that finished 5th Semester and was studying for Step I.

"I wish you understood how desperately I need to transfer. Further, seeing how little I actually got for the money I paid in tuition is infuriating."

I think this comment is self explanatory

"Can't wait till im off this rock bro, and play MD like you and everyone else "