American University of Antigua
I Can't Warn You Enough About AUA!

Directly from New York Supreme court records!
17 Students' lawsuit against
American University of Antigua

Instructions to access the New York Supreme Court case:
(You can verify what I'm saying yourself!)
1. Goto New York Supreme Court Website
Click Here:
New York Supreme Court Website
17 Students' Lawsuit Against AUA!

2. Enter Characters to verifiy user and Select "I agree"
3. Search "Index Number: 153386/2012
4. Select 153386/2012
5.Select, "Show eFiled Documents"
6. Select Document(Docket)"11"
"Affidavit of Jorge Moreno in Support of Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment"

AUA filed Docket 11 with the intent to have the students' case dismissed!

Jorge Moreno, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

(Docket 11, pg1)

AUA's Dean Jorge Moreno made the following statement,
Under Oath!

"Plaintiffs allege that AUA has its principal offices at 2 Wall Street, New York, New York.
This was, and is, not so.
This address was the former offices of Manipal Education Americas, LLC.

AUA never maintained an office at this address."

(Docket 11, #38)

Dean Jorge Moreno continues:

"I therefore respectfully request that the Plaintiff's Complaint
be dismissed because New York is an inconvenient forum or, alternatively,
that the Complaint be dismissed on the merits."

Signed under oath by
Jorge Moreno

(Docket 11, pg 27)


American University of Antigua

another corrupt
Wall Street Corporation

AUA's New York Offices!

From AUA's 2007 Student Handbook
"Administrative Office New York
2 Wall Street, 10th floor, New York, New York 10005"

AUA Student Handbook, 2007, pg 3

AUA Student Handbook, 2011, page 4
"Administrative Office New York
2 Wall Street, 10th floor, New York, New York 10005"
AUA Student Handbook, 2011
PDF Download

AUA's Website
"New York Administrative Office"


AUA's Federal Court Case: 2:10-cv-10978-PJD-MJH
DOC#51 pg 22
"New York Administrative Office"

Federal Court Case 2:10-cv-10978-PJD-MJH

Here's a picture of me in New York
at the front door of 2 Wall Street

2 Wall Street, New York

Here's a picture I took on the 10th Floor of
2 Wall Street, New York

"American University of Antigua"

2 Wall Street, New York

Remember This Fact
AUA Agents Are Liars!

If it looks like
and smells like bullshit....
be careful, it's AUA!
Don't Step In AUA's BULLSHIT!

AUA's Bullshit

American University of Antigua Faculty
Dean Jorge Moreno

Dean Jorge Moreno, PhD
Dean of the American International College of Arts and Sciences-
Antigua and Professor of Biology

Dean Jorge Moreno

Dean Jorge Moreno interacting with AUA students on Antigua!

Dean Jorge Moreno Photo1

Dean Jorge Moreno Photo2

Dean Jorge Moreno Photo3

Penalty For Perjury Includes:

18 U.S.C. 1621 and 18 U.S.C. 1623
(a) Whoever under oath
(or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code)
in any proceeding before or ancillary to any court or grand jury of the United States knowingly makes any false material declaration or makes
or uses any other information, including any book, paper, document, record, recording, or other material, knowing the same to contain any
false material declaration, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

[Radecki v. Glaxosmithkline, No. 09-3901-cv US Court of Appeals, Second Cir. 2010]
dismiss with prejudice as a sanction for perjury, As the Supreme Court has stated,
false testimony in a formal proceeding is intolerable and therefore
perjury should be severely sanctioned in appropriate cases

The Courts Ordered I am enjoined from stating:
"AUA committed perjury"