To every student in the United States!

"AUA falsifies its students grades" claim
Grading policies, practices and lies at

Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland,
American University of Antigua,
another corrupt
Wall Street Corporation

Medical school grading according to corrupt Michigan and Federal judges and courts!

These grades are from a clinical rotation in
Pontiac, Michigan
Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, and AUA

I, Steven Woodward, passed every requirement for the course, earning an
"80%" for an overall grade, but was "FAILED"

This one three month course cost me, about
$15,000.00 and ended my career in medicine!

These grades were submitted as exhibits in Michigan and Federal courts.
I contend that Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, and AUA
failed me with the intention to falsify documents and exhibits before the courts!

I can't WARN you enough about the lies and corruption
by these judges and corporations!

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The following information is from court records, emails, and documentation from AUA,
St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital(SJMO), and
Trinity Health....

The clinical rotation was at
St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, Trinity Health
Pontiac, Michigan.
(These companies combined are referred to as "AUA" throughout the rest of the article)

Clinical Rotation Documents:
This single course, which lasted less than four months, cost me $11,748.00
Not including: travel, course materials, room and board!
The course expenses exceeded about
$15,000.00 for one single course!
Course Statement

St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, Trinity Health
was paid $350.00 per week for each student in the course.
Clinical Clerkship Affiliation Agreement

The course requirements are defined under
section III "Evaluation and Grading",
pages 11 and 12, of the Course Syllabus
Course Syllabus (download pdf)

These are the Final Grades from one of many motions
filed with; the courts.

Final Grades from court motions (download)

These are the Final Grades

Final Grades(download) (better copy)

Federal Law
20 USC 1011a Protection of student speech and association rights

(a) Protection of Rights
(2) It is the sense of Congress that-
(D) students should not be intimidated, harassed, discouraged from speaking out, or discriminated against;
(E)students should be treated equally and fairly;

These are grading practices according to
AUA, St Joseph Mercy Oakland, Trinity Health,
and the Courts!

There were ten students in the course.
According to the Syllabus and AUA requirements
only three students should have passed the course, myself included!

The three students that should have passed the course are
outlined in
The student grades outlined in

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This is how AUA, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital,
Trinity Health grade medical students!
These are acceptable grading practices according to
Michigan and Federal Court Judges!

According to AUA and Syllabus requirements;
"Minimal total quizzes score" is

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Four students failed this requirement:
1. Hampel, Nicola Quizzes Score=
2. Jayadeep, Simbia Quizzes Score=57
3. Ozuomba, Michael Quizzes Score=56
8. Paras, Chahal Quizzes Score=58

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AUA passed three students that failed this requirement!
AUA only failed Michael Ozuomba!

Vishal Chheda FAILED three course requirements,
but passed the course!

Syllabus Requirements:
"Minimal lecture attendance" is
"Minimal practical sessions attendance" is
85% (click here for a copy)

Syllabus Section II. Academic Policies, page 10(click here for a copy)

A. Mandatory Attendance and Punctual Arrival at Sites
AUA/KMC students must attend at least 85% of lectures and practical sessions."

"Minimal final practical exam score" is 80% (click here for a copy)

4. Chheda, Vishal Attendance, Prac Session, and Practical Exam Score=75

(click here for a copy)

Two students failed received "0" for a requirement
but AUA passed both of them!

AUA added a note to the Final Exam for both students

"Did not have OP rotation. Total Score/95"
(AUA passed two students for doing ZERO work on a major graded requirement!)

Syllabus Requirements:

Syllabus Section II. Academic Policies, page 10
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"A. Mandatory Attendance and Punctual Arrival at Sites
AUA/KMC students must attend at least 85% of lectures and practical sessions."

"Minimal Out-patient session attendance" is 90%
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9. Hamed, Mousa Outpatient Score= 0.0
10. Kristen, Nico Outpatient Score= 0.0

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AUA's calculation of student grades!

The Final Grades were to be calculated by multiplying the assignment grades
to the percentages the assignments were worth this would equal the assignment points earned(PT).
The assignment points(PT) were then added together,
this sum would be the Final Numeric Grade
and standard letter grades.

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1. Hampel Nicola

78.4 letter grade "C"

(click here for a copy)

9. Hamed, Mousa Scores=
10.0+ 5.0+ 0.0+ 5.0+ 10.0+ 24.4+ 18.4+ 9.3=  82.1 = "B"
10. Kristen, Nico Scores=
10.0+5.0+0.0+5.0+10.0+23.9+16.4+8.0=  78.3 = "C"
Nico Kristen had some of the lowest scores of the class!
AUA added
4.7 points to Nico's score
inflating Nico's grades to
"83" and gave him a "B"
Nico and Mousa
FAILED a major course requirement, but
AUA passed both of them with a
"B"; highest scores of the class!

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2. Jayadeep, Simbia Scores=
10.0+ 5.0+ 4.0+ 5.0+ 10.0+ 20.1+ 16.8+ 9.5=  80.4

Jayadeep, Simbia's numeric grades are "80.4"  equal to a "B", but
AUA LOWERED his grade to a "79"
and gave him a "C"!

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3. Ozuomba, Michael Scores=
10.0+ 5.0+ 4.2+ 5.0+ 10.0+ 19.6+ 14.8+ 8.0=  76.6

Ozuomba, Michael's numeric grades are "76.6"(77)  equal to a "C", but
FAILED (F) him!

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6. Evans, Lekedra Scores=
10.0+ 5.0+ 4.8+ 5.0+ 10.0+ 22.6+ 15.4+ 8.5=  81.3

Lekedra's numeric grades are "81.3" equal to a "B", but
AUA gave her a 
"C(-)" and an "83" numeric grade.

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7. Woodward, Steven Scores=
10.0+ 5.0+ 4.8+ 5.0+ 10.0+ 21.6+ 15.0+ 8.0=  79.4

I passed all of AUA's requirements, my numeric grade was "79.4"!
FAILED (F) me!

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Final Grade Calculations

Student Name




1. Hampel, Nicola




2. Jayadeep, Simbia




3. Ozuomba, Michael




4. Chheda, Vishal




5. Bulat, Elizabeth




6. Evans, Lekedra




7. Woodward, Steve




8. Paras, Chahal




9. Hamed, Mousa




10 Kristen, Nico




Final Exam

The course Guidelines
outlined the testing schedule and the different quizzes and exams
students would take throughout the course.
(click here for a copy)

The Final Exam scores "Written Ex".
according to the Syllabus; "Minimal final written exam score" was 80%!
60% of the class FAILED this requirement.....
Student names and scores outlined in RED
AUA passed all but two(2) students!

Dr. Jeffrey Yanez was the Program Director for this course.
According to Dr. Yanez's sworn testimony, emails, and the Final Exam scores;
the FAILING scores was not due to the students, but
the corrupt, faulty, junk online testing software AUA pawned-off onto the students!

(click here for a copy)

AUA used an online testing application called "ExamMaster".
(page 41 of the Guidelines describes ExamMaster)

ExamMaster did not work throughout the course!
This application was so bad it did not work for any of the scheduled weekly quizzes!

Dr. Yanez's email describes just one example, of many, about how bad AUA's testing was!

"AUA and myself are eating a little crow.
The EXAM MASTER results sent out last week were NOT correct"

"For the final exam Friday. If you encounter a question that is "messed up"
for any reason just skip it and move on."
I will give you credit for any questions that is not complete.
There may be 8 out of 800, therefore, I will give you a 1% bonus."

(click here for a copy)

Dr. Yanez also writes;
"Please log onto scholar360 and set up your account before this Fridays final exam."

ExamMaster was so unreliable and bad;
AUA switched online testing software to a new application
"Scholar360", the week before the final exam!

Dr. Yanez and AUA knew and predicted there were going to be problems with the Final Exam!

AUA and Dr. Yanez knew the problem was so bad they agreed and promised a
10% curve!

Dr. Yanez wrote:
"After reviewing the final exam results AUA has decided to apply a 10% curve.
AUA requires a 80% score on the final written exam to pass semester V.
Your score + 10% = final curve score."

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Without notice;
AUA only applied a 4% curve!
(AUA gave a 5% curve to Hamed, Mousa!)

I did not discover this deception until the Final Grades were released during court depositions!
The following "Final Grades" are the student scores with the 10% curve!

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AUA stated in a note about my grades
(3)"Failed Final Exam. Did take remedial and failed"

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Dr. Yanez's email discloses more lies by AUA!

Dr. Yanez writes:
"Do to testing irregularities, AUA will allow you a retake on the Vocabulary section on Tuesday"

(click here for a copy)

There was NO "remedial" test that AUA wrote about on the Final Grades!

AUA's testing software, Scholar360,
didn't grade an entire section of my final written exam!
"Testing Irregularities"

Dr. Yanez also wrote
"You will need a total score of 560 out of 800 questions. 80%(640 questions) less the 10% curve = 560 questions"

My Scholar360 grades show I scored an 88%(passing grade) on the "Vocabulary" section
and received a "568"(passing grade) for my overall Final Grades!

AUA lied on the Final Grades
"Failed Final Exam. Did take remedial and failed"
AUA lied about failing the final exam!
The requirement was 560; I received a 568!

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Dr. Yanez's sworn testimony confirms these emails.....

Taken by the Plaintiff on the 3rd day of February, 2009,
at 322 North Old Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, Michigan, at 11:30 a.m.
(Copy of Dr. Yanez's deposition)

Dr. Yanez answered the following:
("A" are Dr. Yanez's answers and "Q" equals the Question)

A The number was changing from AUA. As most people will tell you this is part of the frustration from Steve and I was simply relaying the information. As the prior documents show it I was told on a telephone conference call that there would be a 10 percent curve. I told the students there would be a 10 percent curve. What AUA did in the final issue I had no control over.

Q And did you ever tell Steve that he needed at least 560 points to pass the final exam?
A I sat down and I actually calculated his numbers and I emailed him. I don't recall the exact number, but I went out of my way to actually calculate the exact number he needed.

Q And do you recall if it was 560 points?

A I don't remember the actual number.

Q Was there a portion of the final exam that was retaken or re-administered?

A I actually forgot about it, but Steve did get a retake to part of his final exam. This was through AUA. There was some problem with his electronic version of the exam and they did allow him a retake.

Dr. Jorge E.Calderon was the Dean for Clinical Sciences
(page 13, Syllabus)

Dr. Calderon wrote the following email asking students to evaluate "Scholar360".
"For those of you who took the Final exam using Scholar360, I need you to e-mail me your evaluation of that Program.
Exclude from it the vocabulary portion that was not good because we did not have the time to correct it."

(click here for a copy)

Dr. Calderon lied to cover-up the problems with the exam!

Scholar360 was an online electronic test, it automatically corrected itself....

If you attend or plan on attending AUA
I can't warn you enough not to criticize or express your true feelings about anything relating to
an instructor, a course, the school, or even Antigua!
AUA has a habit of drumming up committee meetings and even legal actions against a student who does!!

"AUA falsifies its students' grades" claim

The course officially ended December 21st.
The Final Exam was on Friday, December 7th, this was the end of the course at the hospital.

Dr. Yanez's emails show as of December 10th I passed the course!
Between December 10th and December 21st AUA failed me!

I filed a lawsuit against
AUA, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, Trinity Health, and Susan Zonia on December 20th.
(Copy of lawsuit)

(click here for a copy)

During the course of this lawsuit AUA told the court and documented in motions that
I failed the course and washed out of the program.

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These statements were used to influence the courts and were based on Final Grades that AUA controlled!

AUA failed me because they say I did not meet the "80%" Final Exam grades;
AUA passed Lekedra Evans with a 77% Final Exam Grade!
AUA passed seven other students that failed the same course requirements!

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Federal Laws

20 USC 1011a Protection of student speech and association rights

(a) Protection of Rights
(2) It is the sense of Congress that-
(D) students should not be intimidated, harassed, discouraged from speaking out, or discriminated against;
(E)students should be treated equally and fairly;

AUA passed Lekedra Evans; a black, woman, and I am a white, male.

The Federal Courts ruled against my claims and enjoined me from stating:

"AUA falsifies its students' grades"
"AUA routinely commits fraud upon its students"
"AUA breaches contracts"
"AUA conspires to commit fraud and violations of civil rights"
"AUA colluded with St. Joseph Hospital to maliciously end [Woodward's] career"
"AUA committed perjury"