American University of Antigua

(a.k.a. AUA, TheAUAmed, AUA medical college, AUA medical school)
Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, and the Courts!
(The contents of this website can be verified by court documents, public records, and AUA files)

The New York Times
"the judges on the federal appeals court there
have repeatedly accused each other of
lying and underhanded conduct in important cases"

The Federal Courts enjoined me from stating:
AUA routinely commits fraud upon its students
AUA falsifies its students grades
(click here to see evidence presented to the courts)

AUA breaches contracts.

"AUA breaches contracts"
It's a proven fact!

New York Courts have ruled
American University of Antigua is guilty!
AUA breaches contracts!

That's Right!
AUA was caught cheating their students!

AUA conspires to commit fraud and violations of civil rights.
AUA commits criminal activities reportable to the FBI.
AUA colluded with St. Joseph Hospital to maliciously end [Woodward's] career.
AUA committed perjury.

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