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American University of Antigua

(a.k.a. AUA, TheAUAmed, AUA medical college, AUA medical school)
Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, and the Courts!
(The contents of this website can be verified by court case documents)

Do not contact me requesting
I remove your private student records
I will not!

I spent years of my life and money fighting for you....
to the point of being wrongfully imprisoned by the
corrupt, corporate owned, lying, fascist, tyrant
judges of the 6th Circuit Federal Courts
with no help from any of you...

If you want justice for AUA releasing your private student records;
stop being a coward and defend yourself.
Contact your:
Governor, Congressman,
Department of Education (Kathleen.Tighe@ed.gov),
or AUA.

The documents included on this site are:
court exhibits,depositions, interrogatories, student records,
emails from student and faculty, recordings, pictures,
and other documentation.