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Corrupt, Lying, Corporate Owned Judges

Judge Terrence G Berg
Federal Sixth Circuit Court

Federal Judges do not support or uphold the
United States Constitution, Federal Rules,
or Federal Laws:

The New York Times
"the judges on the federal appeals court there have
repeatedly accused each other of
lying and underhanded conduct in important cases"

"Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

Federal Judges are just more
corrupt, lying, politicians!

Federal Judges are so perverted and heinous
they lied in Court Orders about the
sexual assault of a student
to protect the university!

The Clery Act
20 USC 1092

Sexual assault of a medical student cover-up attempt!

Due Process accorded by a corrupt system!
This is a WARNING to every citizen in the United States!
Due Process

Do Not Trust Court Appointed Attorneys!
Example of Underhanded Conduct
by Federal Judges!

Protection of student speech and
association rights

20 USC 1011a

To every student in the United States!
Corrupt University and Medical School Grading!

Examples of university and medical school grading
according to corrupt, lying
Michigan and Federal Judges!

Bank Fraud, Frauds and Swindles,
Bank Entries, Reports, and Transactions

18 USC 1344, 18 USC 1341,
18 USC 1005 and 1006

A university can falsify student loan certificates
according to Federal Judges!
Falsified Sallie Mae loan certificates!

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
20 USC 1232g

Health Information and Privacy Act (HIPAA)
Pub.L. 104-191
I've been denied my
medical records and student records
since November 22, 2010!

University Medical School and Hospital
discloses private student records!

Judges and the Dept. of Education
do nothing to protect the students
and will not sanction the university!

Student Names, GPA's, and USMLE Scores
disclosed by the university!

Corrupt judges ruin the lives of more than 2,000 children
"Kids for Cash"

Michigan judge
"Michigan judge guilty of bank fraud"